Tornado in a Jar


This was a quick and momentarily entertaining pin. The kids were really fascinated, to the point that I was worried they would break the jar.
This is an easy pin because I guarantee you have everything necessary already in your home. You take an empty jar, just raid your recyclables for one. Fill your jar until you have about an inch or two of space left. Then, I was eyeballing it, but pour in dish soap, I put in about 2 tbsp. You want a good amount of spuds, so don’t be afraid to add more. Now comes the fun part: SPIN IT AND SHAKE IT!
The original pinner said you can shake it a ton of different ways, but I found the best way was to spin it in a circle.
Chiara wasn’t super impressed, but Arthur was practically shouting, “It’s a whirlpool!” He was really sad when I dumped it out. As easy as it is, I’m sure we’ll do this one again.
We’ll chalk this up as a quick and easy thrill, so give it a try!
Spin on all, spin on!
Original pin can be found at


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