Glitter Candle Jars


This one was super easy and kid friendly. Two of my favorite features in a pin! ^.^
Over the last several months I’ve been stockpiling assorted jars and wine bottles for different projects. Sometimes it pays off!
I’ve recently adapted one of my thirty-one large utility totes into a craft bag, in an attempt to keep my supplies together. Keeping that bag with my scrap poking supplies keeps my bases covered!
I drew from my magic tote, my mod-podge and diamond dust. I used one of my sponge brushes, got some mod-podge on the side of it and brushed it all around the inside of my empty and clean jars.
Now it’s time to let the kids play. I dumped a bit of diamond dust into the jar, while the mod-podge was still wet, and let them spin it around and around. I dumped the excess dust onto my newspaper table protector.
Then you just let everything dry and insert a tea light candle into your jar and let it sparkle!
The original pinner said she used a glue wash (Elmer’s glue + water) instead of mod-podge, but I had the mod-podge handy. Then she said you can use whatever glitter you would like.
The only place I disagree with the original pinner is over when is the appropriate time for glitter is. She says Christmas is the only acceptable time. My argument: don’t let anyone dull your sparkle! I think glitter is appropriate anytime, as long as it doesn’t cover everything you own. Tony did agree that these would be a beautiful centerpiece for Christmas, especially if I put them on a cheerful plate.
Happy crafting and keep on sparkling!
Original pin can be found at

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