Crockpot French Toast


This one was easy so I didn’t wait to long after pinning to try. I’m a big French toast fan, so I figured that if this one turned out good, my life would greatly improve. Throw this together the night before my day off and them have a leisurely breakfast the next day. That’s what I loved most about this one. No standing over the stove first thing in the morning, just whisk together the ingredients and let the crockpot do the work!
You take 1/2 a loaf of bread and tear the pieces in half. Whisk together 6 eggs, 2 cups milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp brown sugar and 1 tsp vanilla extract. Dunk your bread in your mixture, then later it in your crockpot. When your done, pour the remaining mixture over the bread and let it cook on your lowest setting for 6 hours, or overnight.
The taste was amazing, all of us cleared out plates and Chiara and I had seconds.
I’m not really sure that I’ll make this one again though. The texture was a little off putting. The original pinner did say it was soufflé like, but having never had soufflé before, I don’t know what that is like. I like my bread to not be quite so soggy. I did love the taste though, so I will definitely keep the mixture recipe!
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