My Fishy Valentine


I know I’m out of season, but this is one of the few pins I completed well before I started blogging myself!
Arthur just finished his last year of preschool, he’s off to kindergarten this fall, and I didn’t want to do the traditional store bought valentines. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with them, but I’ve always bought them, so I wanted to be different this year.
Schools these days are really cracking down on what’s healthy and what’s not. I’m not saying my kids sit around popping chocolate drops all day, but I don’t see anything wrong with candy every once in a while!
Enough of that rant! I know goldfish are on the approved snack list, so I knew this would be ok with all the other parents.
I’m a big scrapbooker, so I have a whole lot of paper in my stash. Then it was just a matter of making myself a fishbowl stencil and cutting them all out. There weren’t that many kids in his class, so I decided to include his teachers too.
I couldn’t find any bags that would work, primarily because I waited until zero hour to try and put this all together, but a Longaberger friend saved the day with these. Thanks Theresa! I raided Tony’s supply of teeny tiny zip ties, the ones he never uses, to seal them off.
I was really excited with how they turned out, but looking back at the original pin, I found a few differences. I’m ok with those differences, but they are as follows:
1. Original pinner used white paper and drew a water line to show the fish bowl.
2. Somehow the original pinner shaped her bag around the bottom of the fishbowl.
As I said, I’m completely ok with the differences, but just thought you ought to know. ^.^
Happy Valentine’s Day, even though we’re less than half way there!
Original pin is on the blog site

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