Keurig Cleaning


I got Tony a Keurig for Christmas in 2010 and he loves it. I also got the my K-Cup so he would have the option of K-Cups or his own coffee.
I saw this post about cleaning your Keurig and was like, huh? As I was reading the post, it was talking about how the machine started to give smaller servings. The reason behind it was the water started dripping back into the reservoir instead of into your cup. I mentioned this to Tony and he said, he noticed it, but just thought he was going crazy.
The blogger goes on to tell you how to clean your machine. You start by filling your reservoir with white vinegar and running it through its cycle until it says add water. Then you run a full reservoir of water through until its gone. I was a little worried about not having a replacement filter, after Tony started worrying about vinegar flavored coffee. However, the hot cocoa I made to test it came out great! As you can tell by the photo, full cups again!
The blogger also said to use a paper clip to make sure your *really sharp* needle is clear of coffee grounds.
Funny story for this too: the manual that comes with your Keurig actually talks you through this process also…..
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