Crayon Candle


This was something I thought would be fun. I found this in an apocalyptic frame of mine, even though it seems like more fun than paranoia kicking in!
This particular pin I found didn’t link to a specific site, it was just the picture and basic instructions.
Tony made me try this one in the garage, mainly because he was worried about the end result. Smoking, wax fallout……
I will admit, I stole the crayon from my kids, but it is, well was, a white crayon and my kids are all about color!
The directions on the pin claimed this would burn for 30 minutes, and I thought that would be pretty cool.
Getting the crayon to light was an adventure. Silly me, I was trying to light the actual wax. You have to understand, it had been a long day! Tony gave me one of his special looks, took the lighter and lit the paper.
After watching for a few minutes, we came to two conclusions. One: there is no way this will burn for 30 minutes. Two: it’s nothing more complicated than a reverse candle. The wax is on the inside instead of the out.
The crayon only lasted about 10 minutes, but it was still very entertaining. The flame would die down and we thought it was over. Then the flame would skip over the wax ring that had formed and leap back to life.
Don’t upset your kids, but you should definitely try it. I would call this safe to try inside. It doesn’t smoke anymore than your average candle. I would however recommend lighting this on a baking sheet or something because once it burns out, it will fall over an you will have a small pool of wax.
Happy burning! Maybe that was a bad thing to say, but still.
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