Oz: The Great & Powerful


It’s time for another movie review! I didn’t personally see this one in theaters. Mainly because I was broke when it came out. I remember the previews though, and I desperately wanted to see it.
As most of you probably know, it was released on DVD on Tuesday. My usual MO is to wait and get it at the library. There is my cheap-ness again…… However I was much to excited to see this one! We hit family video 2 nights ago and OMG it was amazing!
My mother-in-law, the biggest Oz fan I know, said it was great, so I was expecting something great, and it sure delivered!
As most of you know it takes you through the ‘wizard’s’ journey to Oz and the story of how the Wicked Witch came to be. It was a little obvious after the first half hour who the Wicked Witch was. There was a subtle misdirection at work, but once you meet all the players, it’s pretty obvious.
I know some people will think the effects were weird, but I think Disney was aiming for their usual larger-than-life images. Everything looked so fantastical! Kind of reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland, just a little trippy.
The extras on the DVD were interesting too. I’m a big fan of extras! Tony even got into these ones, and he’s not much for extras. The bloopers, as usual with movies, were hilarious. I really enjoyed how they created the Wicked Witch of the West. How the process originally took 4 hours but over time they got it down to only 2. It’s always fun to watch how they turn someone so beautiful into something hideous.
To check out Disney’s pin on the subject go to http://disney.go.com/thewizard/#/products
I’d definitely recommend this movie, it is a little scary for young kids. Arthur took it like a champ, but Chiara was scared of the evil, flying baboons. Make time to watch at least some of the extras as well!


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