Beer bottle candles


Here we go with part 2! I actually just saw this on Pinterest and the link lead to the etsy store.
I’m a stubborn individual though, so I was determined to figure this one out. The original candles were liking the entire bottom of the bottle and were scented, but I figured I could adapt it!
The hardest part of this was figuring out how to split the bottle. I was lucky enough to find a pin explaining how to do that and so we move on! If you need tips, check out last night’s blog.
Next up, on to my favorite thing, SUPERGLUE!! Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the bottom and rim of the bottle so you get a nice clean surface to adhere to.
Et voila! For display purposes, and the fact my kids loved this, I used an electric tea light. I was still thrilled with how this turned out!
I hope you try this with your malt beverage of choice (Tony loves Bud Light so that’s what I have).
Happy crafting!
Original pin, to the etsy store anyway, is

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