Wisdom from Disney


True, this isn’t a craft or recipe. I usually try to do things like that, but this photo, which I pinned to my inspirational board, really stuck with me.
People like to make fun of Disney movies or story lines. I am form believer that the best movies teach us something.
I grew up watching Disney movies and I consider mine a well rounded childhood. I didn’t play a lot of sports, but I was always outside, playing army, or running around on a playground. I also watched a lot of Disney, both the channel and the movies.
Little girls learn to be brave, and they’re given wonderful examples.
Ariel dreamed of something different than what was accepted, so she went after it. Jasmine didn’t want to do what was expected, so she followed her dreams.
Merida, the newer princesses sticking to a theme, are brave and true to what they believe. There is also character growth, teaching kids that, just because you make a mistake (like turning your mom into a bear), doesn’t mean you can’t make it right. Take the lessons learned and use them to grow.
Mom & dad, it’s ok to let your kids enjoy a cartoon once in a while, especially if you can learn a valuable lesson!
Picture taken from http://disneyismyescape.tumblr.com/post/47342612167/i-am-a-princess-long-may-i-reign-x


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