Peach Salsa


You can call this a product plug, but once again, I’m ok with that. The first time someone said to me, peach salsa, my response was along the lines of, “eww, gross”. She kept talking about it though. Longaberger sells over 50,000 jars of this stuff a year. For a company like Pace, it may seem like small potatoes, but I think that’s pretty impressive for Longaberger! So I took home a jar to try out.
The salsa itself is very good. It’s very mild, but still has a nice salsa-y kick to it. Then there are the chunks of peach that give you a nice twist, almost like a surprise, but it’s nice.
She also recommended trying the following mix. You take 8oz of cream cheese, mix in a tsp of the cilantro-jalepeño seasoning and stir till it’s well mixed. Then you stir in half a jar of the peach salsa. It looks gross, once again, I won’t lie, but it is really nice. The cilantro-jalepeño mix gives it a little more kick and the cream cheese adds something to the overall flavor. My kids eat this stuff up!
If you’re willing to give it a try, and you should always try new things :), check out the original pin at
Let me know what you think…….


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