Scarf time again


This is another, what looked to be, fun knot to try with my pretty Longaberger scarf. I can without a doubt say that I will ‘knot’ be doing this one again! Lol! Bad joke, but still…
It’s way too complicated for something that looks like the ‘four-in-hand’ knot I did before. That knot is much easier!
This one you start by folding the scarf in half and put either side of the scarf over your shoulders, with the ends hanging down your back. Leave a little space, probably have the scarf hanging down to your breasts in front. Then, crossing the ends over each other, bring them back around to your front.
Take the small loop you have in front and twist it. Feed one end of your scarf through the loop from underneath and the other end from on top, then pull snug.
Like I said, complicated!
For picture instructions, which are a huge help, the original pin can be found at

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