Make your own stationary

Make your own stationary

You know those lovely stationary sets which have the faint picture in the background? Normally flowers or something generic, they’re pretty, but a little bland. Granted the art of letter writing is all but dead, but I really hope it makes a come back!
I can no longer link to this pin’s original home, but once again, I got lucky and the directions were attached to the pin. Even then, the directions were more like a guideline because my Word program works a little differently.
You start out in Microsoft Word. Go over to insert and click on photo. Once your picture has been inserted, be sure that it fills the full page. Try to pick a picture that is very clearly focused on the subject. An overly detailed photo may not come out clear in the end.
The original pinner gave slightly different directions, which you can view on my board ‘coolness’, my user name is ads061006.
However, I will tell you how I did it. I think it’s actually easier than the original way. It was almost too easy, to the point I wasn’t sure I could blog about this, but it did turn out beautifully!
All you have to do is go to the top of the screen and click on the tab COLOR and pick the faintest one you see. Pick something that looks like a very pale, or ‘washed out’ version of your photo and click on it.
All you have to do to finish up is put some loose leaf paper in your printer and print up your own individualized stationary.
I chose this picture of Tony and I because we are both wearing dark colors and the background was very light. It made for a wonderful background photo. Make sure you allow the ink to dry completely before writing on it.
Granted you wouldn’t want to use this for anything super formal, but I’m thinking down the road for birthday gift thank-yous. Especially if they are personalized with a background picture of the child holding the gift that person gave, or you could do a general one for everyone of your child blowing out birthday candles.
Needless to say, there are a lot of things to use this one for!

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