Hearts in a book

Hearts in a book

This was an impulse of the night. I only pinned this recently because I love shots like this, the ones that play off the light and are simple to set up. The original pinner used the bible as their book of choice as well, and I knew immediately which verse I wanted in the shot.
I was a little bummed that my favorite verse from 1 Corinthians was on the outside of the page, but it still worked out. I wanted the focus on the highlighted section, “Love is patient, love is kind…..”
The hardest part of this was getting my husband’s ring off of his finger. It fits him a little snugly so getting it off is always a little bit of a struggle! I’m not complaining though! This is part of the reason we got him the titanium ring so he wouldn’t have to constantly take it on and off to work on cars.
We have one of those fun lamps that have a reading light attached, so I was able to use that as my spotlight.
I think this would be fun to do with a few Shakespeare passages as well. Maybe a section from Much Ado About Nothing, or Romeo & Juliet. Romeo & Juliet was a least romantic before it went horribly wrong.
Let me know what book and passage you would use…..
Original pin is at http://www.projectwedding.com/photo/browse?tag=jewelry&thumbs_page=31&photo_to_show=1621061

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