Shape your Text

Shape your Text

They claimed this was easy, and I think they lied. This took me a little over an hour to figure out and play with. It turned out alright, but not quite like I had hoped.
You start by typing your text. The pin said you should type it into Word, then copy and paste, but you can type it directly into Paint. Open Paint and type your text.
My tip at this point is to make sure there is a lot of text. Even if you want a specific phrase, for instance I used ‘I love you’ in multiple languages. Once I got them all typed up, I just copied and pasted 3 times so the image would be nice and big. I also played a little bit, going through and altering size, color and font for a little visual interest.
When you save your image from paint, make sure it saves as a BMP or JPEG. Now you go into Word and insert an shape, I used a heart. Once you have your shape inserted, adjust it to the size you want.
Towards the top center of the screen there will be an icon that says SHAPE FILL. Click on it and scroll down to PICTURE. Choose your image and it will appear inside your image.
Next and last step is to go back to the top of the screen and under SHAPE FILL will be SHAPE OUTLINE. Select white as your shape outline color so the shape lines will disappear. Then you just print and enjoy
Original pin is attached to a blog at but I couldn’t find the directions. Luckily they were attached to the pin which you can find by following me on Pinterest at ads061006

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