Birthday Freebies

Birthday Freebies

This list was not as exciting as I had expected, but I still consider these things good to know.
Unfortunately I didn’t get enough of a jump on this to really take advantage of some of these, I’ll try to be more on the ball next year!
The one I did take advantage of was the free Starbucks drink. The catch is, you have to have a gift card that you use. I have the mobile app for Starbucks so I don’t even carry my card, I just reload and use my phone.
Once you register your card and buy at least 5 drinks, you get a free drink on your birthday. What is really nice about this is that you don’t have to get the smallest size, like so many things like this do. I got my usual Iced Venti Soy Chai. YUMMY!
If your birthday is coming up, get a jump on this because some of these are really good deals. Happy Birthday all!
Full list of freebies is at

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