So to start, I have to tell you I love both Ritz crackers and Rolos. I eat Ritz a lot because they are a good snack to have in the house for kids, are on the approved snack list for Arthur’s preschool and go with so many dips and cheeses. I don’t have Rolos as often because they are so very sweet and I tend to pop them like candy. I deliberately don’t keep them in the house for that reason!
I picked some up when we were grocery shopping this morning so I could give this a try. This was an easy to put together, if a little too sweet for everyday, snack for the kids. Just preheat the over to 350*, put the Ritz crackers, salty side down, on the tray and put a Rolo in the center. I used mini-Rolos, mainly because I didn’t realize what I grabbed off the shelf, but they worked out great! The recommended time is 3-5 minutes and I did the full 5 minutes. I’m a slightly paranoid cook, at least the first time with a recipe, so I was watching to see when the Rolos started to melt out. Some of them collapsed from the inside, others just started seeping chocolate. Once you pull them out, just put the other Ritz, salty side out, on top and press down, the chocolate just gives way.
They will need a few minutes to cool down, but they are delicious and will be devoured. My kids and I blew through this small tray in about 5 minutes, so plan ahead. These would be a quick fix for a friendly get together or a kid’s birthday party. Enjoy the choco-caramel-salty goodness!
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