Brownie-Oreo Trifle

Brownie-Oreo Trifle

Let me start off by bragging about the fact that today is my birthday. Not really sure if bragging is the right word. Maybe stating the fact would be better. My daughter’s birthday is only 5 days before mine so I haven’t had my own birthday cake since she came along. Not complaining because we usually have leftover cake on my birthday. This year though, we blew through Chiara’s cake, so I thought this would be a good time to try out the Brownie-Oreo Trifle I’ve had pinned since around last September!
I put this together at the same time I was making dinner, so it’s fairly easy to do. The kids got really excited watching me put together the elements too. Brownies, pudding….. mmmmm!
You will need the following:
1 9×13 pan of brownies
1 box chocolate pudding (They said you can use sugar free or fat free, but who really cares with the Oreo and brownie combo?)
1/2 cup water
1 can sweetened condensed milk
8 oz cool whip (they also gave the option of lite, but once again, Oreos and brownies….)
12 oz cool whip
18 oreos, chopped
6 oreos for garnish
Bake brownies as directed. Cool completely and chop into bite size squares. Combine pudding mix, water, and sweetened condensed milk. Mix until smooth. Fold in 8 oz of cool whip until there are no streaks. Chop 18 Oreos and set aside. In a trifle bowl, layer half of the brownies, half of the pudding mixture, half of the Oreos, and half of the cool whip. Repeat each layer. Garnish the top with 3 whole Oreos and 6 crushed Oreos with filling taken out.
I was really excited about finally being able to use my Longaberger Trifle Bowl which was my September incentive. It looks so beautiful, but this is also the firs trifle I’ve ever made!
I felt a little selfish because the kids were being little monsters tonight, so they were sent to bed right at bedtime. Tony and I dug into the trifle after they were tucked in and asleep. Don’t worry, I’ll be sharing with them tomorrow, but tonight it was adults only!
It is very, very yummy. Beware however, because it is very, very rich! I used the last of our milk making dinner and I was wishing for a tall glass of it before I was through my small serving! Tony enjoyed it too, and since he is the toughest critic in the house, I’d call this a big winner!
Original pin can be found at


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