Record Bowls

Record Bowls

I need to start by saying how fun and easy this one was! Even my kids wanted to help so it’s a good thing I have a lot of oven mitts!
Directions are as follows:
Take a record (don’t ask me about sizes, I was born in 1985 so a record is a record to me!) and place it on a foil lined baking sheet.
Preheat the over to 250* and place the record in there until it softens. The directions on the pin said about 5 minutes which may have been a bit too long as the edges of my record got a little warped. The directions said you were going for a leathery fruit feel, but if you know what that is you are wiser than I!
You will have to feel it off of the aluminum foil, at least I did, but luckily the foil was cool enough to just peel it off of the record. I did this at my own risk though, so make sure you don’t burn your hand! Once the record is softened, you place it over the outside of a bowl (this is to help shape it) and please remember to use oven mitts and tongs! It’s not super hot, but it’s warm enough to get an ouch-y!
Once you get the shape you like, and try to work quickly because it does harden back up kind of fast, just let it sit till it’s cooled.
I used a plastic bowl and it didn’t hurt the bowl at all so I’m fairly sure any material bowl could be used. This was quick and fun, even a little amusing, because my son was so upset that I “broke” the record. Obviously I didn’t use one of ours, but thrift stores always have records and usually they’re only $.50, so this is a cheap pin to complete!
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