Lace Braid

Lace Braid

I love easy hairstyles. I’m really glad I tried this one before I chopped all my hair off too because it is really cute. I didn’t do it quite like the picture, mainly because I’m not talented enough to do that to myself. Once again, I’m struck with the knowledge that I need a test subject!
It’s another style that if you can handle a French braid, you can handle this. The only difference is that you only add hair from the bottom instead of from both sides. If someone isn’t looking closely, it looks like a regular braid, but if you look closely you can see the difference.
It’s nothing super special, but it is always nice to have variations on a classic. I can’t wait to try this on someone else, maybe play it up a little more like the original pin!
Original pin can be found at
The website is a little difficult to navigate and I couldn’t find the directions to this exact hairstyle, but lucky me, the directions were attached to the pin.
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