Oreo (Milkshake) Smoothie

Oreo (Milkshake) Smoothie

After reading this original pin, I realized 2 things. First, I would never make this the way it was originally intended because I don’t do yogurt. Second, I completely blew away the point of this, which was a weight watcher recipe….. Yeah, that’s a my bad!
Recipe is 1/2 cup milk, 4 oreos, 2 cups frozen yogurt. The original pinner said she doubled it and used one of those nifty handheld mixers you can stick directly in your cup.
I on the other hand used ice cream instead of yogurt (don’t ask why because I don’t know, but I have a deep seated aversion to yogurt) and I tripled it to share with my kids. Keeping the oreos away from them for a few days was a very complicated process too! I also threw everything in my blender because I don’t have a nifty handheld blender.
This was a huge, if messy, success! I don’t know if my blender is just getting old, or if I just put too much ice cream in, but the blender was struggling to churn it up.
The kids made an absolute mess of themselves, but they devoured it. I scarfed mine down as well, almost to the point of brain freeze. I was also excited, as I always am, when I have a chance to use my pretty cups and spoons!
Original Pin is http://refreshrestyle.com/2013/01/oreo-smoothie/
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