Chocolate filled strawberries

Chocolate filled strawberries

These were super easy and even more super yummy! Didn’t even think about doing these anytime soon, but Chiara saw the strawberries at Walmart and insisted on getting them.
Looking in the pantry later that day proved that we had some chocolate morsels left so I decided to give this a go. The first attempt to melt the morsels lead to a horrible burnt chocolate smell. Ended up doing a shorter melt time and added some water to help them dissolve.
Hulling the strawberries proved to be super easy. I started with a spoon, but a paring knife worked really well. Then you just pour the chocolate in and I set mine in the refrigerator to cool.
The original pin says to use an empty egg carton, but I didn’t have one to spare, so I just balanced them in a bowl.
This was a huge hit with Tony, the kids and myself, so we’ll definitely be doing again. I really need to find more excuses to entertain…….
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3 thoughts on “Chocolate filled strawberries

  1. Did you use a double boiler? That’s how I melt my chocolate to pour on top of Rice Krispie Treats. Nothing needs to be added to it. And Milk Chocolate chips are the BEST!

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