Fairies in a jar

Fairies in a jar

This one was both cool, and kind of a letdown. It did not turn out as spiffy as I would’ve hoped, but you get that sometimes with Pinterest stuff.
The basic directions are to cut open a glow stick, sprinkle in some diamond dust and shake it up! I did this the first time (as seen here) with regular glitter. I used the glow-bracelets because they are thinner and you might actually be able to cut them open. I did try a second time with actual diamond dust, but the results were the same.
The directions were unclear as to whether or not I needed to crack the glow stick before cutting it. I tried both ways and not cracking it, well, you may as well have used water!
I’m not saying this isn’t cool, and my kids were really entertained by this, but this did not turn out near as well as I had hoped. I’d say still try this one, but don’t set your hopes to high. I was expecting floating glittery-ness and I got this. Sad Stevie today, sad Stevie!
Original pin (aka picture only) is at http://media-cache-ak1.pinimg.com/originals/db/51/ce/db51ced380c024f49ab726bf1769e9e9.jpg
The original pin with directions can be found on my board ‘fun ideas’. Look for ads061006

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