Cute cake!

Cute cake!

This was so easy, and it was a big hit! I bought 9 of the giant Kit Kat bars to make sure I had enough, but I only needed 5. My argument was, better safe than sorry! I did try out a new Pinterest cake recipe, but that is for another night. I cheated a little and bought the pre-made Pillsbury icing. I knew that making a batch of mine would have way too much leftover.
Cake made, cooled, iced and then I went crazy sticking Kit Kat bars to the side. The icing really helps hold it in place, so make sure you stick the bars before the icing sets. When you break the bars up, leave 2 stuck together for the pieces. You could do individually, but why make things more difficult? I used the ribbon you see, mainly because it was what I had on hand, but it was cute, I think? Don’t you agree?
After the bars are stuck and the ribbon is tied, take your M&Ms and pour them over the top, trying to make sure they are layered evenly. The icing will stick to them a little, so be prepared!
I have the cake set up real pretty for the picture on my Longaberger 8-in-1 entertainer, also pretty!
Cutting this cake was a little bit of a doozy. I was thinking I would have to almost completely break it down to cut it, but no! I only removed the ribbon and cut between the broken bars, the M&Ms kind of spread themselves apart for a knife.
All of us ended up eating these slices in stages. The kids ate the Kit Kats and M&Ms first, then moved on to the cake. Tony and I started with the cake and moved on to candy, but to each their own.
Fair warning, this combo is very rich, make sure you have milk on standby!
Happy baking!
Original picture (no real directions) can be found here.

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