Victorian Photography Studio

Victorian Photography Studio

I know it’s been a few weeks since I’ve been, but I’m still having so much fun with the memories (and pictures and evidence)!
I finally found a frame that I like for this photo (I have a habit of stock-piling frames) and I got it hung up in the house. This was my personal favorite thing we did while in Gettysburg.
I spent a lot of time on while planning this trip and this photography studio popped up. I spent a lot of time on the website. The pictures looked amazing, but I kept waffling over the price. Finally, I decided, that we were saving so much money with the inexpensive things we were doing, that we could afford this.
So I started sending e-mails to the owners. I wanted to be sure about the pricing since I was having a little trouble being sure of how the pricing works. I heard back from the owners almost immediately explaining how much it would be for what I wanted.
Second question came from my husband. He was wondering, since we were bringing the dogs, could we have them in the picture. Again, I heard back from the owner almost immediately, absolutely we could bring the dogs, that’s no problem.
Third and final question was if I could still book an appointment since their website wasn’t taking my credit card. Again, that’s not a problem, of course they will make our appointment.
So I was already thrilled with their service before we even left home! Once we arrived for our appointment, we had a few minutes to wait, then were shown to where the photo would be taken. They started with getting my daughter and I dressed first and that was fun. The lady did come in with us, but some of the clothing is a little difficult, so it’s understandable. I’m not shy, so this was no big deal. Chiara loved the clothes too! I was a little concerned about the hair, and was wondering how I could style it to work with the photo. No problems there because she styled my hair quickly and efficiently. Chiara and I got to twirl around while the guys got dressed up.
This is such a family friendly place! We went with the digital because the wet plate style requires perfect stillness for 24 seconds. Not recommended for pets and small children! The photographers were amazing, getting the kids to cooperate and they were just so patient. They were even relaxed about getting the dogs to cooperate, which as you can tell, they did!
It took 30 minutes (if I remember correctly) for them to develop the pictures. I walked in and picked them up, no fuss, no muss.
The photos were amazing, the experience was amazing! If you are in Gettysburg, make your appointment early because they fill up quick! It does feel expensive, mainly because I tend to be thrifty (read cheap), but I was completely satisfied with it!
This pin gets 2 thumbs way, way up!
Check out their website here

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