Gettysburg Ghost Tours

Gettysburg Ghost Tours

I will be honest and tell you that I did not go on this tour myself, but these experiences are from Tony, my husband.
We, Tony especially, are very interested in the paranormal. When I picked out Gettysburg for Arthur’s Spring Break, this was one of the draws that helped me convince Tony to agree. He loves those shows on tv where they hunt the ghosts, so he was excited about using the tools of the trade.
I will not lie, if you go to Gettysburg, walking down the main drag you will be overwhelmed by the number of “ghost hunting” opportunities. There are some that allow you to bring your pets, there are some that are family friendly and believe me, I researched before we left. Gettysburg Ghost Tours, at 47 Steinwehr Ave, was one of the few I found where they use the same tools you see on the shows. There were several options of tours. There was a regular “ghost walk” that struck me as more of a history lesson while walking around town. This seemed like more of a family thing, and not quite what Tony was looking for. They had an overnight tour that sounded like fun, but we knew that Tony would’ve been up all day the day before the tour so that would’ve been really exhausting.
He ended up choosing their Xtreme Ghost Hunt. It seemed a little pricey, at $55, but as you can see from the picture there were some definite perks. I deliberately waited until we got the ‘evidence’ to blog about this. Tony enjoyed it a lot, his only complaint was that their stop at a haunted school-house was a little over-crowded. He said it was a tiny building and with 20 of them, they were practically tripping over each other.
The perks of this tour, that ran from 11pm-2am, was a certificate stating that he had participated in their ghost hunt, a group shot and a DVD of the videos he took on their equipment, different thermal images and other assorted evidence. He was really excited when he got it in the mail and I enjoyed watching his tour evidence.
If ghost hunting is something you would like to try and you end up in the Gettysburg area, make sure you stop by here and at least check them out!
Check out their homepage


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