Refresh your towels

Refresh your towels

This was something I had to try twice. The first time made me sad. This is a simple process. You wash the towels once in hot water with a cup of vinegar, and then you wash them a second time in hot water with a half a cup of baking soda.
The first time, no noticeable difference. I was hoping for fluffy and I had normal out of the laundry towels. I was ready to mark this one down as a waste of time.
I started thinking after a few days that I may have overloaded the load. I tend to do large loads of towels, honestly I do large loads of everything, but towels especially. So I decided I would give this one more try.
I’m so glad I did! This time around, the towels were soft and fluffy. I don’t have high end towels, but they were really soft and, as you can tell from the picture, cuddly! Even Tony was impressed by how well they came out, and Tony tends to think my Pinterest is a weird quirk of mine. I love when I pull something out that he loves!
Tips for this that are not mentioned on the pin: make sure you only do a medium size load and make sure you switch your water temperature back to cold. I always wash my clothes in cold, it’s just energy conscious.
Original pin can be seen here

2 thoughts on “Refresh your towels

  1. hmm
    I may have to try. My towels are so gross even after I wash them! I am buying dryer sheets from Scentsy. YAY! My towels and sheets are going to smell sooooo nice! I love it!

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