Wine Bottle Night Light

Wine Bottle Night Light

This is another one that I’m sad to say, I can’t credit the original pinner. I worked from the picture and I’m very happy with how it turned out.
I enjoy a bottle of wine. Frequently…… Anywho! I’ve been deliberately saving the bottles for projects such as these. For this one I would recommend a clear wine bottle. I’m not sure how well the light would shine through a darker bottle.
I’ve had the gems floating around since I got married 7 years ago, and they were getting a little annoying since I constantly had to wash them. Dust is not my friend!
I used super glue, but I’m sure hot glue would work. I got a 4 pack of the little super glue tubes and ran out, so if you use super glue, stock up! It’s a little shocking how many gems you actually need to do this, so again, stock up. Remember if you don’t open all of what you purchase, you can return them or save them for a later project.
This is a time consuming project. Using my super glue, I had to let the gem sit for a bit before it set. So make sure you have the time. You can always do a little at a time too.
Once all of your gems are applied, you take a short strand of Christmas lights (white would work best with colored gems, but if you use clear gems, colored lights would probably look really pretty) and, leaving yourself enough room to plug in, stuff the end of the strand down the opening.
I loved, LOVED, the way the light landed against the wall through the gems. This is a beautiful nightlight and once I can trust my kids not to play with it, I’ll be putting this in the bathroom.
I wish you all luck in your attempts. Just take your time, let the glue set and enjoy the shiny sparkles…….


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