Clean your gas stove grates

Clean your gas stove grates

Stumbled across this the other day and had to immediately try it out. Our stove was new when we moved into the house, but it never fails that the grates on gas stoves get really gross. The top of the stove can be kept clean fairly easily, but the grates……. Their is just nothing you can do sometimes!
Tony had to run to Wal-Mart anyway, so I asked him to pick up some ammonia for me. I got the goofy look, but told him if this worked, I would stop picking on him to get more degreaser to clean my stove grates!
This seemed really easy, and as we all know, easy pins are my favorite pins! First and most importantly, set this up before you go to bed, because it’ll mess with your day to start this in the morning. I ended up doing 2 grates in the morning, then the other 2 (the 2 I use most) overnight. All you have to do is bag the grates in a Ziploc bag, being sure not to rip them, then put in 3 tbsps of ammonia. The stench is bad, but wait, it gets better! Then you let it sit for 12 hours, yes that’s right, 12 hours.
Be prepared when you open that bag, the smell will kill you! Tony, the smart alec that he is, asked why we couldn’t use cat pee. Disgusting, but the smell brings to mind a litter box. Once you get them out of the bag, just rinse them really well under running water. I ran the green side of the sponge over mine, just to get all of it.
It was amazing, I spent so much time in the past scrubbing and scrubbing to no avail! The grime just rinsed off and they look beautiful. Even this morning, Tony picked up one of the grates and went “WOW!”
I love when a plan comes together and this is amazing. I will definitely have to remember this one the next time my grates look grody!
Original pin found here

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