Scarf tying

Scarf tying

This was a lot of fun. I have a small collection of scarves, but most of them are your regular winter scarves. I’ve got a Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf (yes I’m a nerd!) and a 9′ long hippy-ish winter scarf. Recently I’ve acquired a thin, summery scarf from Longaberger. It’s great to wear as a regular scarf, or it unrolls to become a thin shawl. Great for travel!
I’ve been kind of playing around with different ways to tie the scarves and was very excited about this pin. 40 ways to tie a scarf! Some of them are pretty goofy looking, but I went ahead and did 6 of them for my photo. My husband was picking on me a little, but I had fun with it!
The braid is really complicated, looks cool, but I don’t know if I could wear it out and about. The wrap and tie was pretty basic, but a nice change from the usual wrap and go I do. The girly windsor and knot row I didn’t really care for. The neck tie knot was kind of cool and I see myself doing that one. I love the four-in-hand and I will definitely be doing this in the future!
The site it nice because it gives step-by-step directions. If you want step-by-step, I will recommend this site, because it would be a really, super long blog if I did all the directions for these six styles.
Happy knotting!
Check out step-by-step directions here

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