Wedding Dress Alternative

Wedding Dress Alternative

I fell in love with this idea as soon as I saw it! I was a little shocked by the “trash-the-dress” sessions I’ve been seeing. Yes, I know I’ll never wear it again and Chiara might not want to wear it, but I couldn’t justify destroying what I wore on one of the happiest days of my life. When reading the original blog I was a little shocked that some people viewed this idea as putting pressure on your daughter to get married. Really?!
If my daughter wants to get married, not get married or whatever she ends up choosing, I’m on her side. Like the original blogger, all I know, is my daughter is a little fashonista and she loves dresses! She constantly wears my clip on veil from my bachlorette party, so she was super excited when I got my dress down from the top of the closet.
I had it professionally preserved, so I had to deal with the lecture from my mother about how the dress may turn now, and what if it got dirty…….
The prep work I put in to this was a little entertaining. I had to first vacuum the rug because the dogs thought it was fun to shred their rope bone all over the place. Then I rolled up the rug because the hard wood would look prettier. I had to peel the stickers that hold the rug in place off of the floor. Then I had to sweep and mop! FUN!!
I wanted to do this in the morning so the sunlight would be shining through my front windows. Natural light is always the best choice! The real trick was convincing the dogs and Arthur to stay on the couch during my photo session!
Before putting Chiara in the dress, I made sure she was completely clean. We had a moment of worry when I cleaned off her temp tattoo from the night before, but she was ok after I promised her another one.
After being sure that Chiara and the floor were both clean, the fun started. She was so excited when I slipped the dress over her head. I started to focus on making sure the skirt was completely smoothed out, but then realized it was a losing battle and that it worked better with the wrinkles. The veil was a little tricky because she doesn’t have very thick hair, but she was being pretty still, so it turned out beautiful.
I am so happy with the way this turned out. People can say what they want. I’m pushing my daughter into traditional roles. I’m pushing her into the belief that marriage is everything. To both of these, I say ha!
I’m teaching my daughter that mommy likes spending time with her. I have so many pictures of her. Dressed in girly clothes, dressed in her brother’s boy-ish hand-me-downs, running around in her diaper…….. I think my children are beautiful no matter what they are wearing and I thought this was a fun idea. If she decides she wants to wear my dress if she gets married, fantastic, this will be an amusing story to tell people at the wedding. If she picks her own dress, this will still be a cute photo I can give her on her wedding day. If she decides to stay single her whole life, then this will stay with all of the hundreds of pictures I have of my children! I enjoyed this time, and if you try something like this, I hope you do as well!!

4 thoughts on “Wedding Dress Alternative

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  2. precious. I would love to do that with Madison but my dress is soooo dirty….never had it cleaned and it is now yellow and black.

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