Sachs Covered Bridge

Sachs Covered Bridge

Not near as moving as the Sallie story, but the Sachs covered bridge is another must see at Gettysburg. The bridge is just a beautiful example of covered bridges. It does have names carved into the beams and assorted things written on the beams, but it’s still beautiful and worth the short drive from the main street.
The bridge was originally built in 1854 for the price of $1,544. That’s absolutely fascinating to me considering they are spending over 2 million on bridge repairs for the I-90 bridge back in Cleveland!
July 1, 1863 the bridge was crossed by 2 brigades of Union soldiers on their way into Gettysburg. The bridge was also used four days later by General Lee’s retreating army after their defeat in Gettysburg.
In 1938 the bridge was declared Pennsylvania’s most historic bridge, In 1968 the bridge was closed to vehicular traffic but remained open to pedestrians. In 1980 it was added to the Register of Historic Places.
1996 there was a flash flood that knocked the bridge off of it’s abutments. The plans already in place to repair the bridge went from $500,000 to $600,000. The bridge was rededicated on July 27, 1997.
There are mixed reviews on the bridge’s….. guests shall we say? Many reviews that I’ve read online say the sprits at the bridge are friendly, playful even. However I’ve found one that says 3 Confederate soldiers, convicted as spies, were hung from the beams of the bridge and later discovered by Union forces on patrol. Some visitors at the bridge have felt and angry presence, which if I had been hung off the bridge, I’d be pretty upset myself. Others claim to have smelled someone smoking a pipe, insisting that it’s General Lee.
I don’t know about all that. We were there 3 times on this Gettysburg trip, not at night however. It was colder on the bridge than in the surrounding areas. My son called it the ghost bridge, I do believe kids are more open to things that are ‘other’. Several pictures had grey-blue orbs. Yes, yes I know some will insist it’s just dust, and most of the time I would be skeptical too. My argument against the dust theory this time is: I took several shots back to back and the orbs are in select shots. If the bridge was raining dust, there would’ve been dust in many more shots instead of the 3 I have.
Believe, don’t believe. Whatever your preference, I would say this bridge is a definite must see on your Gettysburg trip!
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