Shorty bun-n-braid

Shorty bun-n-braid

So, at first I was thinking, blogging about doing my hair, really?! Then I thought, you know what, it’s an experience that came from Pinterest. So yeah, blogging about hair!
I loved the way this looked in the original pin and it says it’s for short hair, so I was all about trying it out. Sadly I don’t have anyone to experiment on other than myself. Chiara’s hair is a little too short for this style and she’s not quite patient enough to sit through me trying stuff out. I know I could find a friend to sit through this if I tried (Jenna, you may be a victim) but I wanted to try it out right then and there.
I tend to be impatient and skip some steps, just FYI. The original pin says you need to do some big wavy curls with a curling iron. The only curling iron I own is a teeny-tiny 1/2″ one, so that wouldn’t quite do the trick. My solution was to put my hair in french braided pig tails after a shower and let them dry. Then when I let them down, I had big waves.
The bun part of this was easy, other than having to locate my bobby pins, so step 2 was easy. The next and last step was a tricky one for me. I can french braid my own hair without much difficulty, but I like to do tight braids. It’s still a look, as seen in the picture, with tight braids, but it’s not quite the same look. If you check out the original pin you’ll see it’s really a hippy-bohemian look. I have a real issue with loose braids, on myself anyway. Maybe on some level I’m worried they’ll come out. . . . . Anyhow, love the look, will definitely do this again and I’m looking forward to trying this on someone else!

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