Jar(ing) your garlic

Jar(ing) your garlic

I’m glad I pinned this! I don’t currently do any gardening, but I want to in the future so I pin things like this so I’ll know how to preserve it. This adventure in Pinterest started when I read a recipe wrong (another pin to be posted later) combined with the fact that I have little experience with fresh ingredients. I read 4 or 5 cloves of garlic and thought that was the whole little head (take a second to laugh, it’s ok). I bought a whole little bag of garlic and needless to say, I had a lot left over! So I brought up this pin and decided to try ‘canning’ for the first time.
This was so super simple, it turned out great, even for a beginner like me! All you need is a pot to boil vinegar in, vinegar, and jars. I used an old pickle jar, so this is super cheap if you plan a little ahead. First thing you do is peel all of your garlic, separate the cloves and make sure you peel all of the flaky stuff off. (I’m sure there is an actual name for this stuff, but I sure don’t know it). Next up, you wash the cloves really well and if there are any brown bits, make sure you cut them off. The original pin gave directions for how much vinegar to use, but I just made sure to use enough to fill my jar. You heat your vinegar to a boil, while this is happening, you put all of your cloves into the jar(s). Once the vinegar boils, pour quickly into your jars and seal the lids tight. Let the jars sit overnight till they reach room temperature. The pin says to store in your fridge, and as I made only one jar this was no problem. I think if I ever made multiples I would see how it goes storing them at room tempterature.
We’re still using this one jar several months later. We cook with garlic quite a bit, it was just that much garlic! The most exciting part for me was suddenly hearing the ‘pop’ when the top sealed. You know when you open a new jar and the ‘pop’ happens? Yeah, same thing, just in reverse. I’m sure if you do a lot of canning, this is not very exciting, but it gave me a cheap thrill! I’ll definitely be doing this again!!

Original pin can be found here

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